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District 54 currently supports two Toastmaster Prison Clubs – one at  Thomson Federal Prison (“Inside Voices”) and one at the East Moline  Correctional Facility (“Hilltop Toasters”).  Our goal in District 54 is  to continue to help support these clubs and to start new TM prison clubs  in D-54.
Prisoners have very limited opportunities to raise funds to pay dues,  purchase supplies etc., so a source of continuing funding is needed to  support these folks.
Why is a prison TM club important?  The best answer to this question  is given by one prison club Toastmaster who described his club as a  “gorgeous isolated pocket of positivity and inspiration in an  environment that typically breeds negativity and hopelessness”.  He went  on to reveal how the members share similar stories of pain – being  distanced from their family, shame from the crime they committed, and  the desire to change themselves to lead a life of transparency (no  masks).  This is one important reason why prison Toastmaster clubs are  important – and also why this is an effort that is worth funding and  supporting as individuals and as an organization.  Our goal in D54 is to  help and support prisoners anticipating release to prepare them for the  outside world by acquiring and improving something that can most  benefit them – confident speaking and communication skills.
How can you help?  Click on the “Contribute Today” push bar to enter  your contact information and someone from D54 will follow up to provide  you with more information.  Thank you for your interest and willingness  to support folks on the “inside” who greatly wish to participate in  Toastmasters programs!

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Educational Opportunities


Prison clubs offer a chance for inmates to continue learning and practice communication and leadership skills.

Strong Participation


Strong clubs with full meeting agendas allow a great experience for all members.

Low Recidivism


Inmates who have completed at least a Competent Communicator manual have very low recidivism (return to prison) rates.

In Demand


Corrections Departments everywhere are asking for Toastmasters help in chartering and supporting more prison clubs.